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กระทะเหล็กหล่อ,หม้อเหล็กหล่อ, cast iron skillet

The power of cooking is König


Our Story

As much as we love to cook our own meal, we’ve realized to enhance the flavors of our food with non-cast iron cookware is facing some challenges.

We need a cookware that is up for the task to retain high heat and to unleash the flavors of cooking ingredients, as keeping the pan heated at the right temperature while cooking is one of the best keys’ success factor of cooking like a master chef at home.

So that’s the beginning of König Specialty Ironware, the hand-crafted cast iron pots and pans which proudly made by us in Thailand.  Our cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil and ready to cook any types of food, from kitchen to table without extra effort.

It is not only safe to use in a daily life as the raw materials and the coating is chemical free, it’s also environmentally responsible as it can be recyclable, We believed, cooking is caring and sharing with your loved ones, with the great tools you can create special memories among families and friends.

We are committed to deliver the cookware for those who love to cook and appreciate fine craftsmanship:

  • Manufactured and controlled by German Technologies

  • Imported material from certified sources

  • High heat retention, the coating improves with frequent use and compatible with all heat sources

  • The non-stick coating is chemical free so you can enjoy cooking safely and be able to pass down from generation to generation

  • Versatility

  • The coating is chemical free and improve with frequent use

  • Cook evenly and juicy

  • Hazardous Chemical free

  • 10 years manufacture defect warranty

Every food is better with cast iron skillet


กระทะเหล็กหล่อKönig หม้อเหล็กหล่อ ไข่กระทะ อาหารเช้า
กระทะเหล็กหล่อKönig หม้อเหล็กหล่อ Korvstroganoff serveware เสริฟในร้านอาหาร
กระทะเหล็กหล่อKönig กริลปลาแซลมอน ไม่ติดกระทะ Grilled Salmon กระทะย่างสเต็ก






ไม่มีสารเคมี 100%


NON-STICK surface 

Stay Forever

No chemical 100%

Versatile utensil

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