Frequently Asked Question:

Why do we name our cast iron as König?

  • König in German language, means “King”.  We wanted to convey a strong message that our customers will enjoy cooking and eating as a King.

Why is the surface of our cast iron being rough? Is it normal?

  • The rough surface is due to the sand mold casting process of making cast iron cookware.  This will naturally leave a rough surface yet it’s still perfect for cooking with no flaws.

Do you have product warranty?

  • We will provide all customers with 10 years manufacturer defect warranty.  But if you do have further inquiries please feel free to contact us any time.

Here are some more tips for you:

1. Do not use the Skillet with microwave
2. Re-Season the Skillet at least twice a month to enhance the non-stick surface
3. If the Skillet get rusted, simply cut the potato in half, dip with salt, firmly rub over the rusted area and water. Dry properly and store at a cool dry place.
4. Re-Seasoning is simply oil baked onto the iron, giving it a natural, chemical free coating
5. If the oven is not available, just apply light cooking oil all over the Skillet and put the Skillet on the stove until the Skillet turn black again
6. When you apply too much cooking oil on the Skillet, it tends to have black residuals on its surface. Therefore, apply optimal amount of cooking oil is the key to avoid this situation.

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